Code of Conduct

Mission Statement:

Delta Community College is a multi-cultural learning facility dedicated to empowering adult learners to achieve their full intellectual, social and personal potential. We commit to inform, involve and inspire each other through participation in our Language Instruction for Newcomers (LINC), Adult Foundations and High School Completion programs.


Regular attendance is expected and will help students succeed.  If a student is not attending class, the instructor will make 3 attempts to contact the student, and may withdraw students from classes if they are not attending regularly.  Please let your instructor know if you are going to miss class(es) and discuss missed work.

Instructors are not required to provide make-up exams or spend extra time with students who missed class(es).


Complete assigned homework on time. Alert your instructor if there’s an extraordinary circumstance as to why you cannot submit work on time and discuss any possible options with them.


Plagiarism is a serious academic offence that will have consequences ranging from a mark of zero, to expulsion from the class or school.  Plagiarism takes various forms: copying another person’s work, using Artificial Intelligence to plagiarize (e.g. ChatGPT), not citing an original work, cutting and pasting from the internet and claiming the work as your own, allowing other students to copy and submit your work as their own, etc.

Disrespectful Behaviour

Disrespectful or threatening behaviour (physical or verbal) towards other students or staff will not be tolerated, and may lead to expulsion from classes/school property.


Smoking is prohibited on DCC property, including cigarettes and e-cigarettes/Vapes.  Students must walk off school property, including the parking lot.

Alcohol or Drug Use

The use of alcohol or illegal drugs on DCC property is prohibited. This includes impairment of individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Student parking is available in front of the Delta Community College, and additional parking is available in the southeast corner of Cuthbert’s Parish parking lot (11601-82 Ave) across the street. DO NOT PARK in spots marked “STAFF”, “ADMIN”, “MAINT” (Maintenance) or “CHILDCARE”. 

If you park in a “No Parking Zone” or “Fire Zone”, your vehicle may be towed and you will be issued a ticket.

Handicap parking spots are for vehicles with proper Handicap parking permits (Students, Staff or Visitors).

Students must display a DCC Student Parking Pass on the vehicle’s dashboard or window. Parking passes are issued by the instructors and you must register your vehicle with the front office.

Cellular Phones

Students need to turn off their cell phone ringers while inside the building. Please make your phone calls and texts outside during breaks.

There is a telephone for student use in the student lounge.